James Proche II talks about what he learned during an internship in a vineyard


The Baltimore Ravens have many different players on their team, each with a large number of different interests. It’s great to be able to learn more about the Ravens off the field, including what they like to do in their spare time.

Baltimore wide receiver James Proche spoke to the media alongside fellow wide Rashod Bateman after mandatory practice at the Ravens’ latest rookie minicamp. Proche was asked about what he learned while interning at a vineyard and shared what he ended up doing during the experience.

“It was amazing. I’m not a sommelier or anything, but I know a little something. A little Grenache, a little Tempranillo, some Zinfandel. I know a little. (laugh)You know something? So it was a blessing. I cut a whole row of Grenache, probably a hundred meters. Polishing glasses. They made me start over because there were stains on it. I did barrel tests, lab work, I did everything. I’m going back in July just because I have a surprise for you all in the next five six years. We have to learn; I want to do it the right way. (Bateman: “It’s been a long time.”)“Yes, patience, baby. Patience. Was good. Got something in the works, that’s for sure.

Near seemed to be enjoying himself and the fact that he is going back in July shows that he is ready to learn more. It looks like the wide receiver has had plenty of experience, and he might even make wine a part of his post-football career.


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