“It shows how quickly life can come full circle.” Football shirts have been retired for the Edmunds Brothers of Dan River. | High school


DAVIN WILSON Special to Register & Bee

After taking the mic from the surface he towered over, Trey Edmunds spoke of the flood of memories he had as he walked down the stairs to the Wildcats athletics on Friday afternoon.

Moments later, former Dan River standout and current Pittsburgh Steelers running back joked about how quickly things can come full circle after he and his brothers — Dan River’s former standout River and Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds and former Dan River standout and Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds – had their football shirts retired surrounded by family, friends and former faculty and staff friday.

“It’s a tremendous achievement, you know, it shows how quickly life can come full circle,” Trey said. “We are extremely grateful to be on the pitch, it brings back so many memories to be here in front of the same people, to be honored by the same principals and teachers that we had, it’s truly a blessing and we don’t wouldn’t have wanted it from anyone else.

“We’re extremely grateful and blessed and honored and it’s something we’ll live with forever and something the community is going to have forever and we just hope it’s something that’s going to inspire young people from now.”

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Terrell was quick to express the gratitude he feels for Dan River’s faculty and staff and for the opportunity to receive such an honor in front of the same people.

“I really want to say we’re grateful right now, definitely blessed, it’s a big accomplishment and it’s something we really appreciate,” he said. “Everyone who supported us on the trip, all the teachers, staff, coaches, teachers, thank you all.”

While the Edmunds’ work ethic played a big part in their success, the three also remained humble enough to remember the help they received not only from their family and Dan’s faculty and staff. River, but also from the Ringgold community.

“We just want to say thank you to everyone who came out, everyone who helped us get to this point, we couldn’t have done it on our own,” Tremaine said. “It’s a great turnout and times like this we’ll never forget.”

Work ethic and faith

Moments before presenting them with the jersey they wore as the Wildcats enshrined in large glass frames, former Dan River manager Elizabeth Craig spoke about the brothers’ work ethic and faith. how it helped them get there.

A few minutes later, former Dan River manager and current assistant superintendent of administration Steve Mayhew gave a brief rundown of the stats the trio recorded during their time as the Wildcats.

Listening to Mayhew review the stunning numbers recorded not only on the grill but also on the hardwood, it became clear that the combination paid huge dividends for the Edmunds and continues to this day.

“Honestly, going out there and working hard all the time has always been our mindset,” Terrell said. “Started by our parents they just woke us up early on some days to go out and run and after practice we used to run hills and now it’s something we’ve transferred from college to the NFL , so it’ll definitely be something we’ll always hang our hats on.

Trey also thanked his parents, Ferrell and Felicia Edmunds, for instilling both their blue-collar work ethic and strong faith.

“Our parents have been our biggest supporters since the day we started anything,” Trey said. “Sport, school, whatever, so they’ve been there the whole trip with us. They haven’t stopped even now so just know they’re in our corner and they’re gonna give some harsh reviews but all from a place of love it’s one of those things we we had to accept and take from the start and it worked in our favor.”

It’s a family affair

In a halftime ceremony of Dan River’s game against Altavista in October, Ferrell stood in midfield surrounded by his family and the Dan River administration after being inducted into Dan River Athletics Hall. of Fame.

Although Edmunds may have played his high school ball at George Washington, he spent his entire coaching career at Dan River, serving as the ‘Cats’ head coach from 2008-19, where he led the Wildcats to a 76-45 overall record, a pair of Dogwood District Championships, eight straight playoff appearances and the 2011 state quarterfinals.

Edmunds also served as an assistant JV and college basketball coach and was on staff for the 2014 state championship basketball team – a team of which Terrell and Tremaine were members.

Standing on the same grounds as their father had been inducted into the Hall of Fame six months earlier, the brothers felt quite humbled.

“It’s definitely an honor,” Terrell said. “Obviously my dad brought all of us here to Dan River and seeing how he still impacts the community and seeing the love he gets from the community is really important to us and I know he appreciates those things and I’m just glad the community continues to praise their legacy here.


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