Internshala Launches The Startup Revolution – 1800+ Startup Internship Opportunities for Indian Students


December 18, 2021, New Delhi: The recruitment and training platform Internshala has launched its new initiative “The Startup Revolution”. The initiative offers aspiring students over 1,800 internship opportunities to kick-start their careers with startups in India. All interested candidates thirsty for knowledge and keen to be part of innovation can apply for opportunities by December 23, 2021. As part of this initiative, aspiring students from all educational backgrounds will be able to apply for internships startup in a variety of fields including but not limited to financial technology, information technology, web development, graphic design, creative writing, market research, business development, human resources, operations and social media marketing. In addition to being a crucial contributor to the startup revolution in India, the selected interns will also earn a guaranteed minimum stipend of 15,000 per month. At the launch of ‘The Startup Revolution’, Internshala Founder and CEO said, “Over the past decade, we have observed that start-up internships provide a rich learning experience for interns. Such internships provide experiential learning and prepare students for the future through a rich internship experience by honing existing skills and adding new skills to their CVs while on the job. “This Internshala initiative aims to offer future Indian students the best opportunities for a start-up internship. Through this initiative, we are offering students a chance to be part of the startup revolution and join the streak of success, ”he added. For more information or to apply for internships, please visit: PWR PWR

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