innovation in times of crisis”


Riyadh – A panel on “Transforming the Teaching Profession: Innovation in Times of Crisis” was held today on the sidelines of the International Conference and Exhibition on Education (ICEE 2022), dealing with the continuity of education in times of crisis, highlighting the challenges and responses that prevailed during the COVID-19 pandemic and anticipating future challenges and opportunities.

The session also discussed the role of educational institutions and academics, success stories and lessons learned, and building means of cooperation towards a common vision of quality education in the future.

Director of Teacher Development at UNESCO and Head of the General Secretariat of the Special International Task Force on Teachers in Education 2030 Carlos Vargas Tamez said the importance of innovation to mitigate the impact of crises and emergencies on the continuity and quality of education in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to constantly rethinking its pedagogical approaches, innovative practices and partnerships in learning and teaching have proliferated at the levels national, regional and global, adding that the vast majority of these teacher- and school-led innovations ensured that students could continue to access quality learning despite school closures.


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