In memory of Officers Dom Calata and Dan Rocha


In memory of Officers Dom Calata and Dan Rocha

Last month, two of Washington state’s best — Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Dom Calata and Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha — were tragically shot in the line of duty. duties to protect and serve the communities they called home.

For years, these two men put on their uniforms, hugged their children and kissed their wives, and went to work to protect us every day – not knowing if they would ever come back through that door. Deputy Calata and Officer Rocha made the ultimate sacrifice, and my heart breaks for their grieving families and the families of the other 685 officers killed in the line of duty since 2021.

Unfortunately, the anti-police rhetoric has infected the hearts and minds of many people in this country who believe the police are the enemy. But they are not. They are heroes. Now more than ever, we need to defund the police and give them the resources they need to keep us safe and their families home safely.

Because this is America, and we have to do better. We cannot allow these attacks on our security forces to continue. Tonight, I have spoken in favor of the heroes who have donned the uniforms of our communities and honored the lives of those who have fallen. My heart goes out to everyone who mourns such a tragic loss, and I pray that God will watch over everyone who is still serving.

You can watch my tribute here.


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