Impact of the Pandemic on State Teaching Staff – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth


A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at the Texas State Capitol in Austin to “assess the impact of the pandemic on the state’s teaching staff.”

Nearly 43,000 Texas teachers have left the profession in the past year, according to the Texas-American Federation of Teachers (Texas-AFT). That’s about 13% of the 320,000 teachers Texas public schools employ, according to figures provided by the Texas Education Agency.

An even larger figure – 66% – have at least considered leaving the teaching profession in the past year, according to a Texas-AFT survey of its members.

Tuesday’s hearing is being hosted by the Texas House of Representatives Education Committee.

A big part of the reason so many teachers have considered leaving the classroom or decided to do so is because they don’t feel adequately compensated for the ever-growing list of responsibilities they are being asked to take on, according to a Texas AFT Representative.

“Teachers love what they do. We just have to give them the resources to do it and do it well,” said Patti Quinzi, director of public affairs and legislative counsel for Texas-AFT. “It’s not a shame. It’s worse than that. It’s doing our field a disservice when our kids don’t have these people who say, “I’d love to teach, but I just can’t afford the mortgage.


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