Ilkley All Saints Teacher Training Partnership providing a part-time route to the profession


ILKLEY All Saints Teacher Training continues to grow as it enters its fifth year since moving from concept to reality.

For the first time, it now offers a personalized training path for part-time teachers towards the profession, shaped according to the needs of the trainee and spread over two years.

The route has proven popular, including with those wishing to continue working, support a young family or care for loved ones. In addition, the program continues to evolve and incorporate new elements into the timetable; this year sees the introduction of a series of workshops called “be the expert”.

Trainees have the opportunity to choose a specialty and become highly skilled; interns take part in four thematic days throughout the year where they work with expert colleagues to develop their thinking.

This year, interns chose from a range of workshops, including mental health and wellbeing, the arts, and a focus on the power of spontaneous teaching and learning opportunities.

Course leaders say this is a great opportunity for trainees to engage with passionate colleagues and qualified experts who can deepen their knowledge and instill a sense of pride in becoming highly competent in certain key aspects of education. .

Chris Whitehead, who runs the programme, said: “At the heart of the teacher education program is the notion that education must continue to evolve: transforming policies and practices, challenging predetermined orthodoxies and forming collaborations. with those who shape change in different sectors.

“Now is not the time for schools to be insular; we must seek to network with individuals and organizations that are brimming with ideas and action. We work with our trainees to instill in them a sense of action and for them to understand their role in the evolution of the profession.”

The teacher training program has helped many trainees transition into the profession and find employment, particularly in schools in Ilkley and the wider Bradford area.

For more information on training to teach at Ilkley All Saints Primary School: [email protected]


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