“How to draw the line between professional life and family life in a period of confinement? “



I struggled to draw the line between work and home life during this lockdown.

It’s just too easy to sit at my desk long after 6 p.m., answering emails and working on projects. It was already difficult before the lockdown because of access to emails on smartphones, but now it just seems impossible to find the balance.

Of course, I want to work hard, but I also want a life. How to create better limits?

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Response from Jo:

Everything can get blurry when we work from home. Some people find it difficult to concentrate on their work when they notice that there is washing to be done or absolutely dirty windows.

But most workers have the opposite problem. They, like you, find that they are working longer hours than when they entered the office.

The best way to find the right balance is to organize your workday the same way you would when you leave home.

Try to get up at the same time and have the same morning routine.

Exercise when you were exercising. Start working when you used to arrive at the office. Take your usual lunch break. Stop working when you stop working.

It can really help to wear different clothes while you work and change into when you stop for the day. It can also help plan evening activities – cooking and dining, watching your favorite series, or catching up with a partner or friend (on the phone or via Zoom).

And it’s essential that you have the same routine before bed every night to give yourself the best chance of getting a good night’s sleep.

Finally, make sure your weekend routine is different from your weekly routine.

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