How a calm plea for help led 2 NYPD officers to a hail of gunfire


The shooter, at least in public records, appeared to be a middle-aged former reform inmate who had put the crimes of his youth behind him. His mother, in her call to the police, made no mention of violence or weapons in the apartment, and her state of mind and motives behind the shooting remain unknown.

The shooting immediately brought to mind the 2014 killings of two officers, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, who were sitting in their radio car when a gunman approached and opened fire. This man had traveled to New York from Baltimore, saying he intended to kill officers after Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri, at the hands of police.

Thus, the two shootings, as different as they were in their circumstances, seemed immediately linked by the social and political upheaval in which they were part.

After a roundtable on gun violence in the Bronx on Saturday afternoon, Mr Adams said Officer Mora was “still fighting for his life” and called on the city to stand united against the violence. He said he will roll out more public safety initiatives next week, including directing his agency commissioners to meet with the city’s crisis management organizations, which are working to reduce gun violence in areas. where it is highest.

Mr. Adams called on Washington leaders to pass the Build Back Better Act, which contains $5 billion in funding for anti-violence initiatives. He said he would soon release a detailed report identifying how laws and institutions like the judiciary contribute to the problem and how they could be addressed.

“A lot of people often talk about bail reform,” Adams said, referring to a New York law change, criticized by law enforcement, that eliminated cash bail for many. non-violent crimes. “But there are other rivers that feed this sea of ​​violence. And if we don’t identify them correctly and put a plan in place to eliminate them, we will never solve this problem of violence.

At a Saturday night vigil outside the 32nd Precinct train station, near the scene of the shooting, Letitia James, New York’s attorney general, said it was essential to stem the flow of weapons fires in the city to combat gun violence. Although gun makers enjoy broad immunity from shooting prosecution, Ms James said her office would use a New York law passed last year to “seek to develop a case to hold manufacturers Responsible Arms” for what she called negligence.


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