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NATCHEZ – Cathedral scored eight goals against Parklane in their 8-0 win on Thursday night thanks to a leniency rule. The game was stopped after 60 minutes, 20 minutes before a full game.

Jacob Anders, Tristan Fondren, Grayson Guedon, Jacob Moore and Logan Ellis scored a goal in the contest. Guedon has scored the most goals finding the back of the net four times. He scored his first goal from the penalty spot.

“I was nervous when I stepped up, and took a deep breath,” Guedon said. “I knew exactly what I had to do, which was to execute my shot, and I did it.”

He started the year as a defender with several players playing football for the Green Wave. At the end of the football season, head coach Dennis Hogue transferred him to the position of striker and midfielder.

Cathedral has a young group of players with Anders and Fondren, who are not yet in high school, playing a striker role. Guedon, Ellis, Moore and Drew Thompson have been playing together since they were kids, he said. Their communication and work ethic spread to the younger ones as they made some fantastic attack moves. Moore played great passes to give him scoring opportunities.

“Moore sent me some great deep balls,” Guedon said. “My teammates gave me open passes and lanes, which allowed me to shoot all night.”

Moore creating space allowed Ellis to score a goal.

“We had a free kick and I was going to send the ball to Jacob. I hear the coach screaming, ‘Hey Chance, let him dribble,’ ”said Ellis. “I dribbled the ball and Moore had a great run to get the defenders out of the way. I had room, so I turned it over, and it went to the upper bins. Earlier in the game, I didn’t shoot when I had the chance, and I regretted it. I saw the opportunity, so my foot hit the ball and it came in. I felt like I was going crazy. It was the longest photo I have ever taken. It was nice.

The defender says he feels comfortable with his defensive teammates on the baseline and goaltender Joseph Garrity in the goal. Parklane tested Garrity early in the game when their breakaway nearly led to a goal.

Garrity got off his line and slipped for the ball. As he made the save, he dropped to one knee in front of the Parklane striker. He was fine and came back into the game, but he was a bit slow to get up.

“I saw him come for the ball and I knew he would catch it. I saw him get hit, ”Ellis said. “I know him. He’s a tough-headed guy, so he’s going to be okay with it. Even though he didn’t play again, I trusted Parker in the goal.



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