GPG Professional Job Center 2022 Internship Programs for South Africans


GPG Professional Employment Center Internship Program 2022 for South Africans

Apply for the Premier Internship Program Gauteng Office for young unemployed South Africans. The Gauteng Premier’s Office is inviting young people aged 18-35 to apply for the 2022 Internship Scheme.

SALARY/ALLOWANCE: R73,004.40 per year

The internship program aims to provide new graduates with the opportunity to gain significant work experience for a period of twenty-four (24) months to complete their studies. Graduate recruits will be part of a supportive environment allowing for continuous development.

Minimum requirements:

  • All applicants must be:
  • Between 18 and 35 years old
  • South African citizen
  • Unemployed graduates who have NOT participated in a government internship program
  • Studying or having studied at a recognized higher education institution in the Republic of South Africa

The following internship opportunities are open for applications:

  • Administrative trainees (refs/013690)
  • Transformation Unit trainees (refs/013689)
  • Change Management Interns (refs/013688)
  • Cross-functional HR interns (refs/013687)
  • Forensic Unit Interns (refs/013686)
  • Integrity Management Interns (refs/013215)
  • Trainees in service delivery (refs/013214)
  • Interns in human resources management (refs/013213)
  • Interns in internal audit and risk management (refs/013212)
  • Supply Chain Management Interns (refs/013211)
  • Financial management trainees (refs/013210)
  • Employee Health and Wellness Interns (refs/013209)
  • Interns in strategic operational support (refs/013208)
  • Interns in information systems and technologies (refs/013207)
  • Legal Services Interns (refs/013205)
  • Management secretary Trainees (refs/013204)
  • Interns in stakeholder management (refs/013203)
  • Trainees of the delivery support unit (refs/013202)
  • Geographic Information Systems Interns (refs/013201)
  • Infrastructure Planning Interns (refs/013200)
  • Occupational health and safety internship (refs/013198)
  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Interns (refs/013195)
  • Branding and marketing interns (refs/013194)
  • Development communication interns (refs/013193)
  • Strategy and Media Liaison Interns (refs/013192)
  • Corporate communication interns (refs/013191)

How to register?

The Premier Internship Program Gauteng Office application the process is done online. CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE

The following documents must accompany your application:

• New Z83 form available on the DPSA website: or any government department

• Motivation letter also indicating the placement area

• Curriculum vitae

• Certified copies of Identity Document, Master Certificate and Qualifications including Academic Transcript



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