Governor Hochul and Governor Murphy Announce Major Step Towards Upgrading Penn Station


Representative Jerrold nadler said, “New Yorkers have long deserved a renewed Penn Station. I am proud to have fought for vital federal infrastructure investments, which when invested in Penn Station and the Gateway Tunnel project will generate thousands of good jobs, make the West Side of Manhattan more accessible, and provide the infrastructure improvements New York needs to recover from these difficult times. I applaud the Governor Hochul’s heralding a consensus-driven design and community-driven process that will lead to a truly world-class station and neighborhood worthy of New York.”

Representative Jamaal Bowman said: “I am proud to see new developments at Penn Station underway. These modernization efforts are part of the Metro-North expansion I supported last year and will help neighbors in the 16th Congressional District move to New York quickly and safely. I am confident these developments will also be accessible to all of New York’s efforts to make transportation inclusive for everyone under all circumstances.”

Representative Ritchie Torres said: “A re-invent Penn Station, with access to and from the Bronx and other boroughs, will reduce commute times for working families as well as much-needed access to jobs, health care and education. This project goes beyond improvements to the station itself and prioritizes investments in affordable housing, commuter safety and sustainable community spaces. I applaud Governor Hochul’s next step in making this vision a reality for New Yorkers.”

Member of the Assembly richard Gottfried said, “The state, city and railroads are finally coming together to create a modern Penn Station and first-class public realm. We have endured the conditions in and around Penn Station for far too long. Thank you Governor Hochul’s leadership, we are on the verge of achieving what many thought was impossible: a Penn Station and surrounding streetscape that will make New Yorkers proud.”

State Senator Tim Kennedy said: “Penn Station is an essential part of New York City’s transportation infrastructure, but its customers deserve a better experience. This reconstruction plan will improve the traveler experience and improve accessibility as well as the general well-being of the neighborhood. I thank the Governor Hochulthe MTA and all of our partners for their cooperation in advancing this vital project.”

Member of the Assembly Amy Paulina said, “This next step in Penn Station’s renovation is exciting. Public transit is essential to the lives and livelihoods of residents and our region’s economy. Thousands of commuters and travelers who pass through Penn Station daily will have a significant quality of life. life will benefit from rebuilding Penn Station. Metro-North riders and reverse commuters will also benefit, supporting New York’s labor market and economy. The way to maintain and growing ridership is upgrading major hubs like Penn Station, and it’s great to see that moving forward as the MTA enters this next phase.”

New York Mayor Eric Adams said: “For too long, Penn Station has been outdated and inefficient, and for too long, small disagreements have stood in the way of progress. I’m so glad these partners have come together and are working constructively to see this project through to New York City We still have work to do, but with this partnership I know we will get there because we have to – for the future of the city, state and region. the governor HochulGovernor Murphy and our partners at the MTA, NJ Transit and Amtrak for taking a critical step toward building the transportation hub New Yorkers demand and deserve. »

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine said: “It is high time that we deliver a new, improved and modern Penn Station that puts people and transit riders first. Penn Station is more than a gateway to the city – it is a key passage for workers, residents and New Yorkers wishing to travel to and through Manhattan. A new station will be emblematic of a New York City that puts commuters and local users first, and i I look forward to working with the Advisory Group and the Governor to ensure this vision is realized.

Chairman of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York Gary La Barbera said, “Today marks a critical milestone in the modernization and revitalization of Penn Station, a project that will lead to the creation of thousands of middle-class careers for city workers and breathe new life into this iconic landmark of New York City. We applaud Governor Hochul for his visionary leadership in advancing this project of great statewide significance, and we look forward to working with all stakeholders and our partners in industry and government to transform Penn Station into a 21st century gateway of which we can be very proud. .”

President and CEO of the New York Building Congress Carlo A. Fissure said, “For decades, New Yorkers have been subjected to the dismal conditions that have defined Penn Station and are unsuitable for the world’s largest city. Commuters deserve a world-class public transit hub that welcomes to the heart of the city, with the capacity to handle more passengers from the expansion of Metro-North and the critical Gateway program.I applaud the Governor Hochul for his bold vision to deliver a Penn Station worthy of New Yorkers, and for taking steps to pave the way for a brighter future for New York City.”

Tony, Chairman of the Board of Amtrak coscia said, “New York Penn Station is one of the busiest transportation facilities in the world. Amtrak is committed to securing its future for generations of rail travelers, which will benefit the entire Northeast Corridor. owner and steward of the station, we look forward to moving forward transformation of the station Our partnership with Governor Hochul and Governor Murphy will fulfill a long-awaited dream to rebuild and expand Penn Station.”

Amtrak President and CEO Stephen Gardner said: “New York Penn Station is more than the busiest rail hub in North America – it’s a gateway to the nation’s largest city for rail passengers from across the country. We thank the governor Hochul, Governor Murphy, MTA and NJ TRANSIT for their partnership to design a beautiful new world-class, modern and bright station complex suitable for New York City. With the support and collaboration of our partners, we will provide residents, visitors and commuters in the region with an improved station that increases its vitality for the city, the economy and the local community. »

MTA Construction & Development President Jamie Torres-Springer said: “Rebuilding Penn Station starts with great design, and we are looking for world-class talent to help us with this effort with this solicitation. Representatives from all three railroads will select this multidisciplinary team to support all aspects of the next phase. of the project, including detailed design and engineering as well as the strong stakeholder and community outreach that the Governor has committed to for this project.

Catherine, Acting President of MTA Long Island Rail Road and President of MTA Metro-North Railroad Rinaldi said, “The rebuilding of Penn Station is great for Long Island, and will be great for customers in the Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut on Metro-North’s New Haven line in just a few years. With Grand Central set to welcome LIRR trains before the end of the year, creating the ability to connect between the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North under one roof for the first time, I am thrilled to see the Governor’s continued commitment to creating a customer experience of world class for passengers on both railroads at Penn Station.”

Westchester County Executive George Latimer said: “New Yorkers deserve a 21st century transportation hub that will drive job growth and economic development for generations to come, and that’s exactly what they will get with this transformational project.” I applaud the Governor Hochul for her effective leadership in advancing this ambitious plan for Penn Station and I look forward to continuing to work with her to bring this project to the finish line.”


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