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ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Prof. Noshad Ahmad Shaikh, said on Saturday that the commission is focusing on developing standards for the medical and dental profession, not only in line with the standards of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), but also to international best practices to ensure physicians were duly recognized internationally.

He was speaking at the first meeting of the WFME Accreditation Working Group held at the PMC. The meeting was also attended by Dr Khurshid Ahmad Nasim (Vice President of the PMC), Special Advisors Dr Raheela Yasmin, Dr Ali Tayyab and Dr Umar Ali Khan.

The Chair told attendees that since PMC had qualified eligibility for WFME, the working group was formed with the aim of summarizing the work that had been done so far as well as the proposed steps for WFME accreditation. .

He said the working group needed to expedite the finalization of the accreditation application to be submitted to the WFME. Since the deadline set by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) was 2024 and the future of Pakistani graduates was at stake, the accreditation process should be undertaken as a matter of priority.

Says efforts are underway to get accreditation from WFME to help Pakistani doctors abroad

According to a statement, a presentation regarding the current status of accreditation and an overview of the WFME accreditation timeline was given by the working group to implement the further implementation of the process.

The PCM Chair informed the Committee that the Board had decided that the 2022 Accreditation Standards would be a vision document. The current inspection criteria are the 2019 standards against which the PCM can perform inspections.

It was proposed that a seminar be facilitated by the PMC and that international speakers be invited and consulted. This will lead to better communication and understanding of the policies being reviewed and implemented, which will ultimately help the accreditation process.

Prof Shaikh added that the PMC Council is focused on completing the mandatory requirements and developing standards for the medical and dental profession in line not only with WFME standards but also with international best practice.

It was agreed that the website will be updated regarding PMC qualifying WFME eligibility so that student concerns are addressed.

The PMC Chair held another meeting with the Aga Khan University (AKU) Karachi which was taken into account regarding the WFME Accreditation Working Group.

He said doctors and graduates need not worry as PMC is making efforts to get accreditation and will soon reach the goal.

Posted in Dawn, October 2, 2022


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