Fox News’ Cavuto returns to work after battle with COVID-19 –


NEW YORK (AP) — Fox News host Neil Cavuto has returned to work after surviving a bout of COVID-19 and pneumonia that he says included time in an intensive care unit and periods of “touch-and-go”.

Cavuto, who hosts Fox News Channel’s 4 p.m. Eastern Time and a two-hour noon show on Fox Business Network, was back on the air Monday after being absent since the week of Jan. 10.

Cavuto, 63, is a cancer survivor with multiple sclerosis and said he was vulnerable to coronavirus despite being vaccinated. It was his second case of COVID-19.

“It was really touch-and-go,” Cavuto said. “Some of you who wanted to put me out of my misery almost got what you wanted.”

Cavuto said doctors told him that if he hadn’t been vaccinated, he wouldn’t have survived, as it gave him some defense.

While some Fox personalities have promoted vaccine skepticism, Cavuto said he’s “not here to debate vaccinations for you.” He said he owed viewers an explanation for what he had been through, after asking for confidentiality throughout his illness.

He read excerpts from letters from some viewers, including a woman named Janice who wrote: “dead or alive, as long as he’s not on my TV, it’s a good day”.

“Well, sorry about today, Janice,” Cavuto said.


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