Embark on a career in health and safety


In this episode of the Safety and Health Podcast, we hear from two women early in their careers talk about their journey to health and safety and the challenges they faced along the way.

Cindy Bell, SHE Advisor at Greggs, talks about her varied role and her tips for starting a health and safety career. Next, Shari Bowen, HSSE Manager at Massy Distribution, talks about working in health and safety in the Caribbean and the challenges of working in a male-dominated environment.

Following in the footsteps of Robert Jukes and Lucilla Cummings, Cindy Bell has been named SHP’s Rising Star in Manufacturing and Rising Star UK for 2021, for her work as an SHE Advisor at Greggs.

Cindy wowed the judges with her enthusiasm and commitment to improving employee work operations. The panel was also captivated by his passion for integrating new technologies into the workplace, taking the time to learn ways to improve operations outside of his working hours. In the episode, Cindy talks about how she got into health and safety and gives some advice for people who want to start a career in the profession.

Next is SHP’s International Rising Star for 2021, Shari Bowen, who is HSSE Officer at Massy Distribution Ltd., one of the largest distribution companies in the Caribbean Basin. Shari has been instrumental in the development and promotion of safety and health.

During the conversation, Shari discusses how she got into the profession and her desire to engage with other women in the field, using social media to interact with other Caribbean women working in the field of health and safety.


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