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LEARNING – Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce President Tricia Maple-Damewood spoke to students at Indian Creek High School about the internships and job shadowing programs available through the organization for help them plan their future careers. (Photo provided)

WINTERSVILLE – Students at Indian Creek High School learned about the opportunities available to them as they plan for their future careers.

Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce President Tricia Maple-Damewood spoke to about 400 sophomores through seniors to raise awareness of chamber programs that could help them put a foot in the door. She shared a brief summary of the chamber’s history, claiming that it started in 1908 as the Steubenville Business Men’s Association and is a non-profit organization. with 500 members, from businesses and groups to schools and individuals.

“We are the voice of the local business community”, she explained. “We have a newsletter that reaches 800 people and we are a resource and tool for local businesses to use in a long list that businesses need.”

She said the internship program is open to sophomore high school students and allows them to give some time to help with projects such as “Ohio Valley Shop where I live.”

“I need help building businesses on this platform. Students connect with businesses, churches, organizations and create a website on “Shop Where I Live”. she said.

Maple-Damewood noted that students can include their volunteer work on their resumes to indicate their community spirit and initiative to help businesses during and after COVID. She continued that this was an unpaid internship but could be done remotely while other work ranged from managing mailings to updating member phone numbers, but that ‘There were chances of winning paid projects through a job board.

She said the workstation shadowing program allows teens to take a closer look at professions by meeting with representatives and learning about the field.

“You can learn more about a typical day and decide what you want to do” she said, adding that she can connect interested students to sites such as Trinity Health System and Timet Corp. “The in-room internship allows you to connect with businesses, churches and non-profit organizations. This allows you to add us to your resume and talk to people who are already doing something that you are considering for a career. It’s a great connection tool.

Meanwhile, she discussed the importance of having soft skills like contact tracing and task tracking, saying it might impress potential employers. She also provided brief applications and flyers with more details about the internship program and said applicants under the age of 18 need their parents’ signature to participate.

Maple-Damewood was invited by ICHS teacher Julie Robinson, who plans to hold a career fair in November and a similar assembly this winter. Robinson said the information session highlights what the community has to offer and that they hope to include an intern student at the next gathering.

“It was an information meeting on job shadowing and internship opportunities. Robinson said. “This was to explain to them what workplace shadowing and internships are and where and how to get involved in Jefferson County. Students should explore their professional interests outside of school.

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