Computer scientists and economists: life insurance from Sberbank on occupations parents choose for their children in 2021



Parents strive to choose in advance the future profession and the university of their children, revealed the analysis of requests from the Educational Concierge. It turns out that IT and economics are the most popular topics of customer inquiries (30%). Educational concierge is included in Sberbank’s life insurance policies for children.

The choice of educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities) is the most popular request for the educational concierge service, with the number of such requests exceeding 50% since the beginning of the year and the largest number of applications registered in April and summer before the entrance exams.

According to Sberbank Life Insurance, the 3 most popular professions in 2021 are IT, programming, and economics. Parents were also looking for universities offering degrees in linguistics, law, design, medicine, and theater arts. Some of the surveys were aimed at training for the trades of air traffic controller, architect and criminal lawyer.

Muscovites (30%) and St. Petersburg (23%) most often sought help from the educational concierge in choosing universities and colleges. Active users have also been spotted in Voronezh, Tyumen and Rostov-on-Don.

Besides educational institutions, the service will help you find tutors, hobby clubs, sports clubs, entertainment events, doctors and nannies. This summer, Educational Concierge helped users find drawing and financial literacy classes, kung fu clubs, a summer school, and also took career counseling tests.

Olga Monakhova, Executive Director of Investments and Savings, Sberbank:

“Helping a child find a profession and a university is one of the most vital tasks of any parent. The future of children and their well-being depend on it. Sberbank life insurance offers an educational concierge service, a service that will help the client to choose a course of study. The solution will find where to go for career counseling, select a tutor or courses to prepare for USE, and a suitable university teaching any profession. to use the service, you must purchase Ticket to the Future, a children’s life insurance policy, at any Sber branch. “


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