CIPD and NHS partnership set to transform the future of 16,000 professionals


Leaders of CIPD and NHS England and NHS Improvement met today to sign a 5-year partnership agreement. They have chosen International HR Day to celebrate this important and symbolic collaboration to raise the profile, capabilities and confidence of the 16,000 HR, OD and L&D professionals in the NHS.

The partnership will be essential in supporting the staff profession across the NHS to play its vital role in achieving the vision set out in the NHS People Plan and the new Future of NHS HR & OD report. Supporting a workforce of around 1.4 million people, the effectiveness of NHS staff professionals matters to everyone.

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive of CIPD, the professional body for human resources and people development, said:

“The NHS matters to all of us, and its employees have an incredible commitment to doing what is right for their patients, even in the most difficult of circumstances. Her ability to achieve this goal – better outcomes for all patients – depends on a culture of support, the presence of the people and resources she needs, and the encouragement to learn and build capacity. The HR profession needs to be at the heart of this, but itself also needs the capabilities, professionalism, support and trust to enable the organization to deliver.

“It is a real privilege for us to be associated with an organization of the breadth and importance of the NHS, and to see the commitment of the leadership of the human profession within the NHS to these goals.”

Thomas Simons, Director of Human Resources and OD, NHS England and NHS Improvement, continued:

“Over the past two years, our HR and OD teams have contributed in many ways, well beyond the normal expectations of their profession. We already had an incredible base of work and examples of very good practices. We now need to create a clear and consistent identity. Our partnership with the CIPD challenges us to look longer term, shape cutting-edge thinking and create systems of evidence-based research and practice, so that we can put NHS people and our patients at the heart of our development.

Roujin Ghamsari, Deputy Director of People – Professional Development, NHS England and NHS Improvement, explained:

“People are the most important asset of healthcare. We need to build trust in the service we provide to our frontline colleagues by ensuring that our staff professionals have the appropriate resources, development and recognition. Through our relationship with the CIPD, we make it very clear that we take the development of our profession seriously. We want to create a clear catalog of support, so that we can attract the best and retain them. We want to create the best place for them to work, a place where they feel empowered to grow and thrive. And we want to communicate a consistent set of high standards, informed by good practice and evidence, that help our professionals anticipate and respond to changes in health care and work.

Adam Stanbury, Head of Employer Solutions at CIPD, added:

“The NHS is built on professionalism. This partnership demonstrates the real commitment of the NHS to extend this to its HR and DO function. The NHS will become a place professionals want to be a part of – a place that supports ambition, builds skills, respects expertise and creates career paths. Together, we will support people’s development journeys, recognize the knowledge they already possess, and provide the growth and credibility that will set them apart with other professionals.

This partnership is the latest example of how CIPD is working with organizations to build their people teams. Committed to increasing the capacity, credibility and impact of the human profession, CIPD works with hundreds of organizations to strengthen their HR, L&D and OD teams.


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