Can I quit my boring internship after two weeks?


I started a summer internship two weeks ago and it’s not as advertised. I’m not given anything meaningful to do, just menial tasks. I have the possibility of getting a lifeguard job for the summer, which brings in more money. If I’m not going to learn anything, I might as well earn more and have fun. Would that hurt on a resume?

Is it dangerous to swim in shark-infested waters? Yes, it will look bad on a resume, but if you quit after two weeks, you shouldn’t bother putting that job on your resume anyway. Before quitting, keep in mind that many stages are what you make of them. Crush everything they give you to do, have a good attitude, ask to do more and show initiative. It will be invaluable experience and likely in the area you are looking for as a profession. If you don’t want to do that and you want to quit, well, go for it. There is a shortage of lifeguards and that also looks good on a resume. But lifeguards don’t stop swimming when the tide gets rough, and successful businessmen don’t give up either.

June was Pride month. Before that, it was mental health awareness, following the Asia-Pacific legacy. Personally, I’m tired of my company telling me every month what to believe in, or celebrate, or what to feel. Can I express my opinion that I do not wish to participate in their special events without risking my career?

July is National Ice Cream Month. Do you also have something against ice cream? If you don’t like your company culture or feel like it’s trying to indoctrinate you or make you celebrate things that don’t align with your values, you can do one of three things: : talk and try to change the culture, stay silent and not participate, or leave. However, there is a big difference between a company that takes a stand on a political issue and one that celebrates and respects humanity, cultures, different dimensions of diversity or well-being. You will most likely risk success by complaining about it in any company, and you may have a hard time finding happiness with the coldest organizations.

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