Burning buildings, free manicures and office dogs


Ridgefield High School’s long-awaited internships officially began on May 9, and students took it upon themselves to travel to farms, real estate agencies, theaters and even a college nostalgia trip to complete their 30-hour work. . weeks. Senior May and June are free from homework, finals, and best of all, dawn wake-ups five days a week, and students have taken advantage of this time to gain real work experience.

Ariel Langberg, a fashion design student heading to Skidmore, detailed her exciting adventures in the heart of New York fashion while interning at a shoe design company. In addition to free impromptu manicures, the Faryl Robin Company has granted Ariel the incredible opportunity to design her own shoe that will be in circulation in a year. Part of her internship involves browsing department store shoe selections for inspiration and creating “trend maps” to analyze current styles. Ariel noted, between the city sounds of police sirens and street music, that her internship allows her to “broaden [her] view on fashion design”, which is not strictly made up of designers, but of a multitude of diligent workers who take part in a long and exhilarating process.

Karolin Keaveny became interested in emergency medicine and the medical field long before he finished 12th grade. Armed with her brilliant EMT certification, Karilyn landed the coveted internship at the Ridgefield Fire Department, where she assists in the day-to-day duties of a first responder. In addition to interacting with patients, Karilyn has the ability to “spike IV bags and get blood glucose levels” as well as assist with cleaning, moving patients and taking blood pressure. More recently, Karlyn described and browsed through photos of her experience watching firefighter trainees enter staged burning buildings at the Police Academy — just a regular Tuesday at her traineeship.

Ethan and Isabel McKean looked north for their internship at the Women’s Foundation of Boston, a nonprofit that supports women and girls in the greater Boston area. Among other important duties, the McKeans help with event marketing and publicity for the nonprofit, and help with technology issues. Isabel cites “meeting other powerful women who could inspire and teach [her]as the main reason for his choice of internship.

Kavya Anand found RVNAhealth in downtown Ridgefield to be the perfect destination where medicine, patient care and administrative work intersected and was one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to be part of such an organization . Kavya’s day job includes processing doctor’s prescriptions, collecting data for audits, and the most important task of all: playing with Sophia and Bitty, the office and therapy dogs in the building. She also “observes how nurses are trained, how schedules are coordinated, and the ins and outs of working in a clinical setting.

Scott Lane Robert, Ridgefield’s own jazz pianist, naturally thought that the Ridgefield Arts Council and planning for their highly anticipated “Make Music Day” festival would be a perfect way to spend his May and June months. “The Make Music Day festival has been a positive part of my musical life in the past, and I thought it would be a great experience to work on the administrative side,” remarked Scott, and now as a member of the Make Music Day Crew, Scott has become a vocal contributor to Arts Council meetings and events. Most notably, Scott appreciates how his internship has turned into a job – he’s not “just a guy running errands”, but a full member of the Board – and his day-to-day operations include ensuring the registering events, distributing flyers and working on publicity, and using his extensive musical experience to help the Arts Council. Make Music Day in Ridgefield is June 21, 2022.

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