Bryan Danielson praises Jade Cargill’s work ethic and how she handled being on TV


Bryan Danielson worked with Jade Cargill and is a huge fan of her work ethic and positive mental attitude. Danielson appeared on The Masked Man Show and spoke about his experiences working with AEW Champion TBS; you can see some highlights below (by Fightful):

On the Cargill star’s progression and in-ring presence: “Pro wrestling is very unique in the sense that anyone, if they work hard enough, can get pretty good at it. Whether you make a living from it is another thing, but you can get pretty good at the technical aspects of pro wrestling. Again, I think it comes down to a certain discipline. In the short time that I work with her, she works very hard. She… can I say I’m jealous? [Laughs]. In the sense that she’s been wrestling for a little over ten months, maybe 11 months now, and she’s coming out with more presence and looking more like a star than I’ve ever looked at in my entire career.

On Cargill’s positive attitude and work ethic: “When I work with her too she is so athletic and strong and when it’s time to work she works. I was really impressed with her in general and her attitude. It’s easy to get in and if you get a big push, to have a big head, and she’s not like that at all. I was impressed with that. When Tony asked us to work together, I was very impressed with how quickly she learns and how hard she works.

“Anyone who is pushed like she does, at first there will be a lot of people who will be hard on her and I’ve never had that pressure. I really haven’t spoken to her about it, but there is some pressure to be on national television with less than five months of experience and to go there and have to do a 10-minute match. I can’t even imagine. The first time I did a live televised match, I I had been wrestling for over ten years. I was completely comfortable. It’s a completely different ball game and she handled it very well.


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