Brook Park Mayor Creates College Internship Program


BROOK PARK, Ohio — Mayor Ed Orcutt has created a college internship program, which will provide students with real-world experience while reaping the benefits of their work while learning from city administrators.

municipal Council passed a resolution endorsing the new program at its July 19 meeting. Discussions took place during the caucus held just before the regular meeting.

“The City of Brook Park will work with institutions of higher education to formalize the City’s internship program to create the conditions for program participants to receive college credit for successful completion,” the resolution reads.

“The student would gain hands-on experience…and work under the supervision of the department head and receive no compensation.”

Students will be required to follow all employee rules and regulations of the City of Brook Park. They must be enrolled in a higher education institution and be at least 18 years old.

“I think it could help in a lot of departments,” Orcutt said of the program. “It can also help students who need credit for internship programs.”

Councilman Jim Mencini noted that city departments could use this aid.

“I like it,” Mencini said of the program. “This definitely opens up our departments and our city.”

According to the program policy guidelines, interns “must engage with the respective department regarding reliability and trustworthiness, and must discharge all responsibilities and obligations of the internship until the completion of said internship.”

They may also be required to pass a background check.

An internship will likely be set up for the economic development department, but Orcutt said the city’s law, finance, utility and recreation departments would also benefit from having interns.

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