Broadneck Girls Soccer defeats Severna Park in regional final



By Madeleine Stern

The Broadneck girls’ college football team became the 4A East Region II champions on Tuesday night and will advance to the quarterfinals of the State Championship.

No.1 Broadneck faced rival and No.2 Severna Park at Lawrence E. Knight Stadium. The teams and fans were full of energy and competition. The game was tied and went scoreless until the end of the second half. With seven minutes left in settlement, Broadneck won the ball from Severna Park in midfield, and senior Brianna sawyer passed to junior Sadie wilkinson at the top of the 18 yard box. Wilkinson scored with a shot in the lower left corner of the goal.

“After scoring I was relieved that we finally scored a goal because we played all those minutes. I’m just glad we got to score and be happy,” said Wilkinson.

Despite a renewed sense of urgency in the remaining minutes of the game, Severna Park was unable to score a goal against the senior goalkeeper Broadneck. Mason Smargissi. At the last whistle, the Broadneck girls stormed the field as regional champions.

Broadneck’s head coach Jean Camm, who coached the team for 18 seasons, thought about the game and was proud of the performance.

“We played well – a lot of composure, a lot of courage, a lot of tenacity,” said Camm. “You have the rivalry factor going on. It’s been a while since we hit [Severna Park] in the playoffs, so we’re happy to do that tonight.

Eva mowery, captain of the senior Broadneck team and injured Molly Yeomans, attributes the Bruins’ success to two main factors: community and hard work.

“We just had the chemistry that I think no other team has,” Mowery said. “We’re all best friends, which I think is the reason we’ve come this far. Our work ethic throughout the game was 110%. No one gave up a ball. Nobody stopped playing.

The future is bright for more than this Broadneck team. Coach Rick stimulpsonThe Severna Park women’s team is young, with only two senior starters. He explained that the roster usually has at least 10 seniors, so the next season “looks really good” for them.

“We have a lot of good kids coming back, so we’ll try to build on that next time,” Stimpson said. “I think we played well. Obviously the pain will be there for next year and we will use that as motivation. “

Plus, high school footballers do more than just win games; they inspire young girls in their sporting goals. The game was attended by more than a dozen college girls, who play for the Broadneck Thorns football team.

Twelve-year-old defenseman Kingsley Armor said: “I take inspiration from Carly. We play at the same position. She is really good and I want to be as good as her. I want to learn to be as aggressive as her.

Carly johnston, a student at Broadneck High School, played center-back in the regional final and played several crucial games. After hearing Armor’s remarks, she was almost speechless.

“It actually means the world to me,” said Johnston. “It’s nice to have your work noticed, but literally nothing could be done there without my teammates – from the goalkeeper to the top striker, even on the sideline and on the bench. If the bench hadn’t been so loud and hype, we wouldn’t have made it through this game.

Broadneck will play their quarterfinal game this weekend. Wilkinson is excited and optimistic. When asked what the next step was for her team, she didn’t hesitate: “The States are the next step, and win it”.



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