Best Business Analytics Internships to Apply for in February 2022


Apply for Business Analytics Internships to Jumpstart Your Business Analyst Career

Business analytics is booming in the global technology market, especially among students and working professionals. They are very interested in knowing the in-depth details and gaining experience as business analysts. There are several business analytics internships available from reputable companies and start-ups with lucrative stipend packages. Business analyst interns can gain enough hands-on experience to start their careers as professional business analysts. There are openings for business analysis interns interested in applying for business analysis internships.

Best Business Analytics Internships in February 2022

Business Analytics Intern at Interfor

Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

Responsibilities: The Business Analytics Intern must understand, collect and analyze data to aid in intelligent decision-making processes, create models and frameworks to enable processes and assist in business functions. It is necessary to develop tools for collecting data, automating and creating well-organized presentations.

Qualifications: There should be a master’s program in analytics, computer science or any other technical field with sufficient knowledge of datasets, SQL and others in more than six months of business experience.

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Business Analytics Intern at Incentius

Location: Pune

Responsibilities: The Business Analytics Intern must understand customer business issues, data, and other business rules to profile and analyze customer data to generate relevant analysis. It is required to operate customer business processes and perform data quality checks to find root cause analysis of data integrity issues.

Qualifications: There must be at least a bachelor’s degree in any technical field with knowledge of Python, data analysis, and Tableau.

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Business Analytics Intern (Sourcing) at Amazon

Location: Shenzhen

Responsibilities: The intern should support the procurement team with the annual negotiation with the suppliers by optimizing the existing tool based on the data, developing a holistic analysis dashboard for the procurement managers. It is necessary to carry out data cleaning and verification efforts in the main database and optimization of cost information.

Qualifications: The candidate must be a 2023 graduate with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, business management or any other technical field with a prior internship in business analysis and knowledge of Excel and SQL.

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NA Marketplace Planning and Analytics Internship at Nike

Location: Boston

Responsibilities: The business analysis internship should design solutions to assess consumer demand as well as product and business performance at different levels. Solving unique challenges by integrating data and driving alignment with key performance indicators is necessary to ensure data solutions meet business requirements.

Qualifications: He must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any technical field or be pursuing an MBA with more than three years of experience in analytical roles.

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Marketing BOLD Intern, summer 2022 at Google

Location: Canada

Responsibilities: There should be a lot of responsibilities regarding marketing and communications.

Qualifications: The intern must be in the penultimate year of a full-time bachelor’s degree with more than one experience in data design, storyboarding, and UX development.

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Business Analyst Intern at Merkle Sokrati

Location: Pune

Responsibilities: The Business Analyst Intern should be responsible for day-to-day client account operations, executing strategies, and analyzing performance reports and reviews with clients. There should be strategic information about the landing page, ad creative, and many more.

Qualifications: Candidate must be an undergraduate student with BE/B. Technical degree with up to one year of experience in customer account management.

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Intern – Business and Marketing Analyst at MiQ Digital

Location: Bombay

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include ownership of business strategy and presentations for clients, exploring data partnership capabilities to differentiate MiQ while working with products and analytics.

Qualifications: There should be a bachelor’s degree in any technical field with an understanding of the digital marketing landscape, programmatic media buying, and real-time bidding

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