Bengals Jessie Bates III with honest halfway through 2021 season self-assessment



BATES MAKES WISHES: On Monday, Bates offered one of the most honest self-assessments you’ve ever heard from an NFL player. Not only does he publicly admit that he has a season below everyone’s expectations, but also why. He doesn’t mind the fact that his contract status (which is still unsigned for 2022) has impacted his game.

Pro Football Focus’s ratings ranked him 114th among safeties compared to No.1 last season, when he had 12 broken passes and just 16 missed tackles. Now at the break it goes one and nine, respectively.

But Bates returned from the goodbye refreshed after getting and calling some of his former college teammates in Wake Forest.

“I feel like I was just one step away from making some important games. As I watched games earlier yesterday, the teams that win football games, their main players make games for them. “said Bates. “And I haven’t done it this year. I know that. I’m aware of it, as I’ve said before. I’ll be happy to make more games and celebrate with my teammates while I do. “

Bates and the Bengals had hoped to sign extra time before the season, but that did not happen.

“I think that sort of goes into everything. I feel like I have better headspace now than I did at the start of the season,” Bates said.

“So I realized that I vouchsafed the wrong people and the main thing I should focus on is proving that the right people are right about my coaches, my teammates, my family and not worrying. for everything else. I know it’s okay to train, I know what type of player I am, that stuff is going to work anyway. But like I said, I have to be better for this team, so I’m excited for this. “

Bates thought he would start over by going back to the old one. It meant Fort Wayne and his family.

“Be normal Jessie Bates for a little while. Just stay in the house,” Bates said. A little weird because everyone’s doing their jobs all week and I’m sitting at home on my phone relaxing my feet. But I’ve had several talks and it’s not just about football, it’s about life. How my former teammates were doing in Wake Forest, some things that they’ve faced throughout life have really helped put me in perspective, like ‘hey brother, live in the present, live in the moment, cherish it, take care of what you have in front of you now and the future will take care of itself. ‘

The future, apparently, begins in Vegas on Sunday.



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