Alumni Spotlight: Liana Wuchte – Auburn University Athletics


In 1997, Auburn softball entered its inaugural season. Throughout the 2022 campaign, we celebrate the many faces, moments and victories that have shaped our program over the past 25 years.

As part of our celebrations of 25 years of Auburn Softball, we’re reaching out to alumni from all eras of the program to share their memories of being a Tiger.

Four-time SEC academic honor roll member Liana Wuchte (2010-13) went on to earn her doctorate in biomedical engineering. She took the work ethic she developed while a student-athlete at Auburn to the next stage of her life.

Q: Why did you decide to pursue your softball career at Auburn?

Wuchte: I fell in love with Auburn and the Auburn culture at a camp I attend as a high school player. It was my dream school from then on!

Q: What is your favorite memory on the pitch?

Wuchte: Singing the fight song to the crowd after beating Alabama at Alabama… nothing sweeter.

Q: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement in your college career – on or off the court?

Wuchte: I can’t think of a particular moment, I just look back and I’m proud of my consistency and finishing it all in four years. Crossing the stage to graduate and be a four-year SEC athlete at Auburn. I will always be proud of that.

Q: What is one of your best memories with a teammate?

Wuchte: Probably my epic failure of a fitness test – my second year, I think? I hated it back then, but it’s one of the funniest memories when I look back on it now. “Go legs! »

Q: Looking back on your career, what word would you use to describe it?

Wuchte: Fulfilling. It’s always so humbling to think back to those years and how, as a little girl, I dreamed of being a college athlete. I was able to wear the Auburn uniform and compete as an SEC athlete for four years. It was the realization of a childhood dream.

Q: Who influenced your softball career the most?

Wuchte: Coach Deese. She gave me the opportunity to be an Auburn Tigers, and I will always be grateful for that.

Q: What was your favorite uniform combination?

Wuchte: White socks blues!

Q: Why would you give any advice to current/future softball student-athletes at Auburn?

Wuchte: In the end, it’s not just about chasing kills and rings. Don’t miss it. Take note and soak up the memories, experiences, and relationships you form during those years. You should work hard and be exhausted if you do it right. Even through it’s a grind, it’s fast. Don’t miss it. Don’t miss what God has for you in this unique time.

Q: If you could send one message to the Auburn family, what would it be?

Wuchte: I am grateful for the Auburn family and to always be able to call Auburn “home”.

Q: What degree did you get? What is your current professional background?

Wuchte: Biosystems Engineering. I then got my PhD in biomedical engineering and am an applications development engineer at a chemical company in Pennsylvania.


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