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A hospital in Abu Dhabi has launched its medical internship program and will welcome its first group of students this month. NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, launched its medical internship program after obtaining the regulatory approvals required to be an “approved framework of practice for an intermediate educational institution” by the Ministry of Health of Abu Dhabi.

The NMC facility was established by the Department of Medical Education and thus accredited as a provider of undergraduate observations, internships, experience equivalency, and transition to pharmacy practice.

The NMC Royal Hospital program is designed to accommodate 20 medical students per year who have completed undergraduate training as per requirements and need a one year internship program.

The program began with a brief ceremony chaired by NMC Healthcare CEO Michael Davis, who said: “One of our challenges in running a healthcare system has been the shortage of local and local talent. . Since Sheikh Zayed founded the country 50 years ago, UAE leaders and rulers have offered equal opportunities and support to Emiratis and residents to ensure that citizens have access to education and world-class training. We pledge our support to the leaders and leaders of the United Arab Emirates in promoting private health education for nationals and residents and welcome the opportunity to diversify and enrich our staff rosters at across the United Arab Emirates. “

Speaking about the interns and their 12-month internship, Internship Program Manager Dr Arun Arya, President of Medical Specialties, HOD and Respiratory Consultant at NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi said: three different medical specialties : medicine, surgery and pediatrics. With an intermediate license approved for the practice setting, we are now able to accept continuing medical education and transition to practice programs that include internship, return to practice and experience equivalency programs.

According to the hospital, this project started in early 2019 with a basic observation vessel program for medical graduates. Observer status is an experience where people with or without prior medical training can observe healthcare professionals as they care for patients and families for a specific period of time in that healthcare facility.

NMC Hospital completed a few observation ship programs during the same year. Later, the hospital applied for the Intermediate Internship Program after receiving applications from national and non-national students to take this program which was therefore approved after a detailed assessment and evaluation of the institution and the faculty.

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