A woman from the region, nurse for 35 years, quits her profession following a Covid vaccination mandate


Kim Sheridan has been a nurse for 35 years. She has worked for 20 years at her most recent workplace, a local long-term care facility. After much soul-searching, she decided to leave this place and quit her career, during the state’s Covid-19 vaccine tenure.

“It was my choice to quit, because I had chosen not to get the vaccine. For me, the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits to myself, and I think where there are risks, there has to be a choice and I think my choice and a lot of people’s choices have been taken away from them, ”Sheridan said.

Sheridan declined to disclose the establishment where she most recently worked. She says she worked with an infected population, but did not catch the virus.

“I didn’t catch it. I had more than half of my unit that had Covid. Probably more than half of my staff catch Covid, I was lucky not to have it,” Sheridan says .

Sheridan is going to take a break for now. She eventually hopes to return to nursing, saying that’s what she’s doing; who is she. But for now, she stands by her decision and wants others to respect her.

“So when I hear other people say ‘Shame on you, you have to protect others.’ No, it’s supposed to protect me. I’ve already witnessed a lot of people with Covid who have been vaccinated. So these are my personal choices in life and I feel like making those personal choices and the government says no shame on you you don’t have a job anymore, ”Sheridan says.“ We live in the United States. United. We should be able to make our own medical choices. ”Sheridan adds that she has seen many people recover from the virus.


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