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Photos submitted to The Times Observer Cyril Jedor recently became an official US citizen after a long and difficult process. Jedor, who now lives with his wife in Warren, shared his personal experience and his goal of contributing to the community.

Cyril Jedor recently became an American citizen after going through the citizenship process and taking an oath of allegiance to the United States.

Jedor was born in Le Bourg D’Oisans in the Alps region of France. He came to the United States on a work visa with an animation company that moved to the United States from France. Although he had the option of staying in France and working remotely, Jedor said he decided to travel to the United States because it was part of his dream.

Over the years, Jedor has worked hard to navigate the lengthy US immigration process. After moving to the United States, Jedor met his wife, Kristine Peterson, a private art and piano teacher, while they were both living in Charleston, South Carolina, and decided to apply for a card. green.

Jedor and Peterson have hired a hitman to help them with the citizenship process. Although Jedor said it was expensive, it was a better option than trying to fill out all the paperwork correctly themselves.

Jedor applied for a second green card, but the government had a problem with its computer database, delaying the citizenship process from six months to two years.

“That kind of thing slowed down the process a bit,” said Jedor.

Pending a second green card, Jedor was granted an extension on his first green card. He said it took another 18 months before he could receive his second green card.

Despite government green card delays, Jedor decided to apply for citizenship. He said the citizenship process can take even longer, but because he was from France, the process was much easier.

Before becoming a citizen, Jedor had to study United States history for a test in Buffalo. Out of a hundred possible questions, the exam could ask 10 questions. Jedor had to answer six correct answers to pass his citizenship test. After studying for the exam, Jedor said he quickly answered the first six questions he was asked during the test.

About a month after passing his citizenship test, Jedor took the oath of allegiance to Erie alongside about 30 other people from at least 12 different countries. Jedor was supported by his wife, family and friends.

“I felt really supported” he said. “It takes a lot of support and it’s not really a one-person thing. It really is like the whole family. My wife was really instrumental.

Peterson said her husband is now, “a full-fledged and very proud American.”

The video of his citizenship ceremony is something he hopes to one day share with his children if he has any in the future.

After completing the lengthy citizenship process, being a US citizen is meaningful to Jedor.

“It means I am independent, I am free. I can vote and contribute, he said. “I’m even more part of the community, so that means I’m proud of the country I live in.”

As someone who was not born in the United States, Jedor offers a unique perspective on life in America.

“America has a lot to offer” he said. “This is the land of opportunity. I love the way America thinks and tries to do the right thing in the world.

Although the citizenship process has been difficult for Jedor at times, he is grateful to have the opportunity to join the United States as a citizen.

“My life is here now” he said. “I have my family here. I never want to be trapped in another country. I admire the American work ethic. I think people in general here are friendly and easier to talk to than in France. I think there are more opportunities for growth.

The couple made the decision to move to Warren, which Jedor is now happy to call his “hometown.”

“I grew up in Warren County,” said Peterson. “When the pandemic hit, we wanted to be closer to my family (since his is all in France) and be in a place to start our own family.”

Jedor works remotely as a concept artist for Velan Studios, designing and producing video games.

Since moving to Warren, Jedor has become a member of the Conewango Club and a dedicated disc golf player. He hopes disc golf will be added to the community as a sport.

“I try to participate

te in the Warren community,” he said.

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