A strong work ethic is key to Tom Trbojevic’s success


Dally M medal winner Tom Trbojevic’s spectacular plays come as little surprise to his Manly team-mates these days.

Trbojevic stormed into the NRL premiership last season, scoring 28 tries in 18 games after missing the first five rounds with a hamstring injury.

He also finished with 28 assists, 124 tackles and 33 line breaks in arguably the best season ever by an individual.

While fans and media alike admire Trbojevic’s exploits from afar, it all comes down to hard work according to teammates Lachlan Croker and Reuben Garrick.

“The hardest thing for people to see is how far ‘Turbo’ is doing from the game. It’s not something he shows up and does on weekends,” Croker said.

“It’s just the way he talks about footy and the video work he does with Des Hasler and the coaching staff.

“That’s probably the part that not everyone sees that we see, that’s why it doesn’t surprise us.

That’s why he’s going to be a successful athlete for the rest of his career because of that work ethic.

Lachlan Croker
on Tom Trbojevic

“He works so hard outside the game and when it comes to timing a game it’s all in his head, it’s just second nature.”

Trbojevic, Garrick and winger Jason Saab scored a combined 77 of Manly’s 142 tries last year.

“Tommy’s work ethic is outstanding,” Garrick said.

Heartbreaking… Tom Trbojevic hard in training
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“He does a lot of work in training. It all comes down to one thing…Tommy really wants to bring a premiership to Manly.

“It’s also an honor for Tom and his family. His brothers, Jake and Ben, have the same work ethic as him.

Croker and Garrick were just two teammates in total when Trbojevic beat nine Nth Qld Cowboys to score an incredible try at Townsville in the final regular game of last season.

“I remember watching this unfold. Tommy walked away from us and then came back,’ Croker said.

“I saw him beat the last two guys and he still had five meters to go. I put my hands on my head because I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

“In 10 to 15 years, I can go back to things like that and say that I was involved in it.”

Garrick said he and his center partner Brad Parker were completely in disbelief.

“I was on the other side with ‘Parks’. He looked at me to sort of say “what did we just witness,” Garrick added.

“It was weird but you see it all the time.

“Tom will just run a full defensive line and you’re like ‘what’s going on here.'” Brad and I look at each other and shake our heads.


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