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Southern Oregon University is an institution dedicated to the long-term growth and success of its students. After earning many of the degrees offered by SOU, students find themselves looking to the future, wondering, “what happens next?”. One of the main ways SOU helps provide opportunities for forward-looking students is through SOU’s Career and Internship Fair, which proved to be a huge success this year.

This year’s job fair was perhaps the first time students had the opportunity to speak face-to-face with employers since the onset of Covid-19, and the same goes for many employers. A variety of different fields were represented, allowing students to explore many potential options after their time at SOU. These areas ranged widely, from the Eugene Police Department to a local video game company: Sun Spear Games. With such diverse employers, student entrepreneurs could easily scout for potential opportunities. Enthusiasm in the room was high, with many productive conversations going on, promising potential for a better future.

Max Brooks, SOU’s Resident Career Readiness Coordinator and one of the key contributors to the success of the job fair, had a statement regarding this year’s job fair:

“I was really excited about the number of employers who registered for the fair this year and the enthusiasm of the students who attended. We ended up with about 65 organizations recruiting on campus, and nearly 300 students who came to talk to them. Early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I look forward to hearing stories from students in the days and weeks to come who have secured jobs and internships at the event. I am currently collecting survey information from employers, and so far over 90% say they expect to hire at least one person they met at the fair. I think this speaks to their joy of participating, as well as the quality of our students.

With 65 different employers, the 300 students in attendance were sure to find something of interest. One of the notable successes of the job fair is that 90% of employers are interested in hiring new workers: a testament to the type of skilled labor that SOU seeks to produce. However, the job fair itself is not the end of the job search for many students, and SOU hopes to continue providing opportunities for students who were unable to attend. As for students who were unable to attend, Max Brooks offers opportunities outside of the fair:

“I suggest they review employers who have signed up on this spreadsheet, then email me at [email protected] if there are any they really want to talk to. I would be happy to share the names and email addresses of recruiters from organizations of interest.

There are many different avenues worth exploring for those looking for potential career experiences. Just because some students missed the fair, SOU will not abandon students looking for a job. It takes staying dogged in pursuit of a potential dream job, and there are plenty of potential opportunities waiting for you. For those who interact with employers, perseverance is key. Brook “would strongly encourage them to reach out to their favorite recruiters and organizations via email to thank them for coming and to ask about the next steps in the hiring process. It’s a great way to extend the strong impression they left in person at the event.

Students who show persistence and passion are sure to find the jobs they want with SOU’s resources, and the resources SOU has provided during this year’s fair seem to be excellent!


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