a profession of the future with great needs in France – Bulk handling


The developer, also called a programmer, is a pro in computer languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, C ++, Python or even Ruby. He writes lines of code, he writes and follows specifications specifying the technical specifications to follow to create a website or an application. He knows all the cogs to set up tailor-made computer programs, the complete project or the dedicated application module. It is a cog that has become essential in companies, even more so today with the rise of e-commerce, which seems to know no limits.

The job of developer is rather well paid even at the beginning of a career, the salary will depend above all on the diploma (engineer or not), knowledge in the field (a self-taught person will find work without worry if he is competent) and the language computer used.

France has long trained quality developers, but many move abroad, especially for financial matters with a salary which, in places, can be well more than double that offered in France. For a thirty-something in France, the average salary is around 40,000 € per year, but in the United States, it is more generally close to 100,000 €. Suddenly, in France, this phenomenon plus the fact that the needs of companies are constantly growing, the sector suffers from (very) strong tension with a shortage of developers which can therefore be a real opportunity to make a new choice.

Today, even if you have taken another path, it is quite possible to convert back to developer . You even have the opportunity to learn from home. In addition, there are many aids to support your training, such as the government site my training account, or Fongecif, help from Pôle Emploi, etc. Most of these structures also help you find funding for your projects and always listen to your questions and your expectations.

There are also dedicated sites, like O’clock, which can offer you developer training via a virtual classroom, usually in 6 months. The students are in contact during the lessons and during the period of the challenges, for a healthy emulation, all supervised by quality trainers who train them, monitor their progress and advise them on their future career. Changing jobs from home, very trendy lately with teleworking become ubiquitous!


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