A ‘Day in the Life of’ film series to introduce the newly registered nurses


A series of short films documenting the experiences of newly registered nurses is due to be launched today, in hopes of showing “what a great profession to nurse”.

The Royal College of Nursing is hosting a first screening of six films tonight featuring members of its Newly Registered Nurses Network, who have recently graduated and have just embarked on a career in nursing.

“I hope the testimonials of the six newly graduated nurses featured in these films demonstrate how great the nursing profession is. “

Rachel Hollis

Covering a wide range of contexts, the short films “A Day in the Life of an NRN” explore the professional lives of community members, hospitals and the military.

Those behind the project believe the films reflect the ‘rich diversity’ of the latest nursing cohort and hope they will appeal to those considering a career in nursing and those interested in learning more about nursing. ‘other areas of practice.

Common themes mentioned by these nurses include the diversity of work and the importance of teamwork.

Ahead of the launch event, the RCN released a cutoff of the series, offering a preview of the six upcoming films.

The series features former Nursing Times student editor Craig Davidson, who is now an adult community nurse.

“Nurses want to make a difference, he said. “We all want life to be better for the people we see.

“The most rewarding part is, without a doubt, being able to make a tangible difference in their life,” he said.

Lynsey McLaughlin, an OR nurse working at a clinic in Northern Ireland, also starred in the series: “Every day is different, that’s why I love it so much.

“We learn so much from our colleagues. It’s always very busy, but that’s what I love about it.

Enock Mutsinzi, a military nurse, whose film is also included in the series, added: “We are all trained by highly qualified professionals to become professionals.

“The pride of being in the armed forces – it runs through us all. The opportunities that we have – I don’t think you can get them with ordinary work.

Meanwhile, Rachel Hollis, chair of the RCN Professional Nursing Committee, said: “The journey to become a registered nurse is always a challenge, made even more difficult by the pandemic, but it has also created opportunities and inspired those. who are joining the job market now.

“I hope the testimonials of the six newly graduated nurses featured in these films demonstrate how great nursing is,” she said.

“These films will appeal to anyone considering a career in nursing, from those just starting their education to more experienced nurses like myself who have worked in the profession for years.”

The first viewing of the network will take place virtually at 6 p.m. this evening.

In addition to watching the films, there will be a question-and-answer session for participants to ask how the network and RCR in general can support the continuing professional development of new registrants.

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