A business student learns a wide range of skills through internships


Dalton Ground, a junior from Bowling Green studying corporate finance and business data analysis, took a leap of faith when he accepted his first internship.

“I never thought I would like anything in manufacturing, but I took an opportunity and loved it,” Ground said.

In January 2020, Ground was hired as a materials technology intern at Bilstein Cold Rolled Steel, a German fabricated metal manufacturer located in Kentucky Transpark. He held this position for over two years before moving to his current position as a supply chain intern.

“I currently have three main responsibilities,” Ground said. “The first is to oversee our open ordering system and ensure orders are properly closed. My second responsibility is to work on a devaluation project to help the company move certain products faster at the right price. Finally , I assist in the inventory of our various facilities.

Ground said he got to work in different departments at Bilstein, and it helped him apply the concepts he learned in his classes.

“After taking a CIS course, I improved my spreadsheets to work more efficiently and be more visually pleasing. I also took an operations management course and was able to apply the principles to manufacturing that we “We’re doing here at Bilstein. Plus, many of the concepts I learned in my finance and accounting classes, I got to see first-hand.”

The best part of Ground’s internship experience is all the experience he got. He said it was clear Bilstein was committed to his professional journey.

“I had the chance to do many things that enriched my internship experience, from helping clean up after the December tornado that destroyed one of Bilstein’s warehouses, to attending several meetings sales, and everything else.”

Ground’s internship advice to other students is “start as early as possible, even if it’s something you don’t think you’ll like because you never know”.

The WKU Gordon Ford College of Business has a dedicated internship coordinator. For more information about GFCB internships, please contact our Student Success Center by visiting www.wku.edu/business.


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